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3 Apr 2011
Embrace the braid with 40+ Braided Jewelry Patterns! Learn how to box braid, fishtail braid, kumihimo braid, and more with these pretty plaited patterns. Find a variety of ways you can use braiding in your jewelry designs.
Braiding Patterns. Kumihimo Braiding patterns. This is where to find detailed instructions and lots of step-by-step photos to help kumihimo enthusiasts to extend their skills. Braiding Patterns. From left to right , Round Braid, Half Round Braid, Hollow Braid, Square Braid, Spiral Braid. Most people start with Round Braid
Cut four strands of cord to desired length (2 each of 2 different colors) then fold in half. Cut another strand approximately 4 inches in length. Tie the 4-inch long strand around the four folded ends to secure them together.
Kumihimo braiding is taking the jewelry-making world by storm! Hailing from Japan, kumihimo is a braiding technique that is done by knotting cords together to create a chunky, textured weave. This collection of 24 Kumihimo Jewelry Patterns and Tutorials will teach you everything you need to know to start braiding your
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14 Jun 2013 Cut about 4 pieces of cord around 39 inches long. Depending on the thickness of your cords you're starting with, you may need more or less but this will be our practice experimental braid. Gather the middle of the four cords and tie a knot. Push the knot through the center of your Kumihimo disk.

Though it may seem daunting at first, getting the right supplies and learning the basic technique will have you making kumihimo braids in no time! The modern way to make a kumihimo braid is to use a lightweight foam disk to hold and organize your strands while braiding. Numbers around the outside of most kumihimo